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Close Enough to Kiss

Close Enough to Kiss


If you know me, then it’s no secret that I love to babywear. I wear Hadleigh in a wrap or carrier almost every day. Given that, I wasn’t always as into babywearing as I am today. I kind of stumbled into it by accident.
Hadleigh developed colic around 3 weeks old and we tried everything to soothe her but nothing would cease the screams or sedate her enough so that she would fall asleep. While digging through countless articles on the Internet, I stumbled across one about babywearing. In the article, babywearing was mentioned as a way to calm down “insecure” babies or infants with colic.
I bought a Maya Wrap Ring Sling while I was pregnant and it sat, unused, in the corner of the nursery after coming home with Hadleigh. When I first got my wrap, I was so excited to try it out, but upon further inspection I thought it was too impractical and complicated. Now I was desperate for a solution and I was willing to try anything to help my baby girl. I hurriedly grabbed the wrap and instructions from the nursery. Once again, I was perplexed by the wrap and didn’t understand how I was supposed to wear her. It seemed entirely simple and complex at the same time. I decided to watch the how-to videos and try out the wrap with a teddy bear first. After watching the video twice, I mastered how to wear the bear in the sling. Next, it was time to try with Hadleigh. I picked up my tiny, squirmy, screaming baby, and I struggled to get her in the correct position on my chest. It didn’t look pretty, and it took some extra tightening and adjusting, but I eventually managed to get her snuggly in the wrap. I made sure she was in the wrap safely and was close enough to kiss, just like it said in the instructional video.
Instead of getting better, Hadleigh continued to scream in the wrap. This time though, her cries were amplified because they were directly in my face. But, when I started walking around our apartment she went silent. When I looked down at her, I was astonished to see that she was sound asleep. My daughter, who had been on a screaming rampage for the past 2 hours straight, had just fallen asleep in under a minute! I immediately called Brad and confessed my joy over this newfound secret I had discovered.
That day, she ended up sleeping for over 2 hours in the wrap (a record at the time). Because she was in the wrap and I had use of both hands, I was actually able to do some laundry, clean my apartment, and walk my dogs. Even though I was hustling, I checked on her often to make sure she was comfortable and safe.
After realizing that the sling had put her to sleep, it became my go-to method to calm her down. I would wear her whenever we would go out in public and my colicky baby would grow quiet, content, and ease into sleep. I wore her in stores, restaurants, and even at Disney World (and rode slow rides with her too). She loves the “womb service” that the wrap provides and I love keeping her close to me.
Now that she has outgrown her colic, I don’t wear her around the house anymore, but I will still choose to wear her rather than put her in a stroller when we go out. I love the convenience of having my hands free and being able to avoid squeezing a stroller down narrow isles at the store. It might not be for everyone, but babywearing has really helped my family. 
Note from the author: The Maya wrap is currently Hadleigh’s favorite but I am waiting for the day when she is 15 lbs so I can wear her in the Tula. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of babywearing, I suggest you read this: http://babywearinginternational.org/what-is-babywearing/babywearing-resources/benefits-of-babywearing-2/.
Hadleigh in the wrap at Disney Hollywood Studios
  • Sarah Doyle
    Posted at 00:22h, 22 March Reply

    I love babywearing my son! Just like you said, I am able to get so much done around the house while having him close. I can talk to him and let him see what is going on instead of him being stuck in a saucer! I also love wearing him in public it makes shopping and sightseeing so much more enjoyable for me and him!

  • Heather Gordon
    Posted at 00:33h, 22 March Reply

    Yes! Babies learn so much more while they're being worn and at adult level. I'm happy you and your son ate enjoying the carrier!

  • Shelby Nelms
    Posted at 02:17h, 22 March Reply

    I enjoy baby wearing as well, I have an Ergo that I kept from my first pregnancy that I love.

  • Shelby Nelms
    Posted at 02:18h, 22 March Reply

    I enjoy baby wearing as well, I have an Ergo that I kept from my first pregnancy that I love.

  • Heather Gordon
    Posted at 19:31h, 22 March Reply

    I've used an Ergo too! Keep up the great work you awesome baby wearing mama!

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